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COVID-19 | Virtual Visits

Maintaining contact with your patients while suspending nonessential care can be done through virtual visits. If you choose to implement virtual visits with your patients, you can use the sample materials here to give your patients and their families an understanding of how they work.

Sample Email/Script to Introduce Virtual Visits:

Dear Patients and Parents,

While we may be postponing your routine care visit, know that the materials we use today for orthodontic treatment have the ability to move you toward our goals for quite some time. For patients in braces, be assured that we use long acting wires that continue to work for several months. For our patients in aligners, if you have been wearing them as instructed, your treatment is progressing even though you are not here for an office visit.

Nevertheless, we know you may have questions about your treatment progress. In an effort to address those questions during this challenging time we are introducing virtual visits for our patients. The attached virtual visit guide provides step by step instructions that will enable us to monitor your progress, even if we cannot see you in person.

Please know that we are committed to excellence in your care. We look forward to seeing you in person again soon!

<Insert Doctor Name>

Video Option:

If you prefer to create a video resource, you can use this example from CAO Member Dovi Prero to create a video to share with patients on your practice website and/or social media platforms.