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Daily Dental Hygiene Tips for Braces Wearers

posted on 9-21-21
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EVERY ORTHODONTIC PATIENT dreams of Braces Off Day, but tooth decay and unsightly stains can make that dream smile harder to achieve if we aren’t careful about daily dental hygiene while the braces are on. Here are a few crucial tips... More

What Do the Different Parts of Braces Do?

posted on 9-17-21
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PICTURE AN ANCIENT Egyptian in braces. That mental image might not be too far from accurate. Admittedly, they used catgut and metal bands, and it was likely only part of burial rituals to make the dead person’s teeth look nice for... More

What Do the Different Parts of Braces Do?

posted on 9-7-21
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EVERY ORTHODONTIC PATIENT has probably wondered what all the different parts are for in their braces. Some patients will have special appliances to correct a difficult problem, but the basics in traditional braces are the brackets and archwires, all held together... More

Causes of Crooked Teeth

posted on 9-2-21
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AS UNFAIR AND ILLOGICAL as it can be, people do tend to judge others on their appearances, and one trait that falls under that umbrella is whether a person’s teeth are crooked or straight. Studies indicate that people with straight teeth... More

When Should Your Child See an Orthodontist?

posted on 8-16-21
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Orthodontic problems rarely fix themselves. That’s why the American Association of Orthodontists recommends that all children be screened by an AAO orthodontist at age 7 By age 7, your child has enough permanent teeth that an orthodontist can spot a problem... More

Preventing Stains During Orthodontic Treatment

posted on 8-10-21
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UNLESS YOU’RE CHANGING the color of your wooden furniture, stains typically aren’t good news, and they’re especially unwelcome on our teeth. Not much will mar the excitement of Braces Off Day like stains around where the brackets used to be. What... More

How Do Braces Actually Straighten Teeth?

posted on 8-3-21
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BRACES ARE SO common for teenagers (even though they aren’t the only ones who can have them) that a lot of people might take it for granted that these bits of metal can move teeth into their proper position, but how... More

Wisdom Teeth and Braces

posted on 7-27-21
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ONE OF THE BIG rites of passage for young adults is wisdom teeth removal. Of course, there are people who can actually fit those third molars in their jaws comfortably and there are a startling number who don’t even grow them... More

Current Internet Trend You Should Skip

posted on 7-22-21
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Despite popular opinion, the internet might not have all the answers…especially when it comes to your facial structure. The online do-it-yourself facial restructuring trend known as mewing (which, by the way, is not a medical term) suggests that tongue placement can define your... More

Don’t Use Your Teeth as Tools!

posted on 6-29-21
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OUR TEETH CAN do a lot of things. They chew our food, they form a lot of the structure of our faces to make us look the way we do, they make it possible to speak clearly, and they’re the highlight... More