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The Anatomy Of The Human Teeth

posted on 6-1-21
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DO YOU KNOW what the parts of the human tooth are? We’d like to give you a quick tooth anatomy lesson because the more patients know about their teeth, the better they will understand the importance of good dental health habits... More

Quit That Ice-Chewing Habit!

posted on 5-25-21
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WHAT’S SO BAD about chewing ice? It can actually do a lot of permanent damage to teeth, and yet many people have a habit of chewing ice that can be difficult to quit. Let’s look closer at ice chewing and its... More

Am I Too Old for Orthodontic Treatment?

posted on 5-18-21
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In short, no, you are never too old for orthodontic treatment. Your orthodontist considers many variables when developing your customized treatment plan, but age is rarely a deciding factor. Orthodontic treatment can be as successful for adults as it is... More

Can Smiling Make You Healthier?

posted on 5-11-21
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WE OFTEN HEAR that it takes fewer muscles to smile than to frown. We’re not sure where that came from, but it isn’t actually true. At least ten muscles are involved in smiling, but it might require as few as six... More

Can orthodontic treatment help sleep apnea?

posted on 5-6-21
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In short, yes. Although orthodontists cannot diagnose and treat obstructive sleep apnea on their own, they may be the first medical professionals to recognize symptoms in adults and children. Your orthodontist is well positioned to perform an obstructive sleep apnea... More

Ongoing Personal Coronavirus Precautions

posted on 4-20-21
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ACROSS THE COUNTRY, some states and cities are starting to reopen, but that doesn’t mean we should immediately stop all precautionary measures and go straight back to life as usual. Every little bit we can do helps ensure that hospitals don’t... More

Weird Mouth Trivia!

posted on 4-13-21
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LOOKING FOR SOME trivia to impress people once we can safely have parties again? We humbly present a few of our favorite weird mouth facts for your consideration. We Need Spit to Taste Our Food Most of the ten thousand taste... More