You have all seen those commercials for Invisalign. Many wonder if it is possible to get Invisalign for kids with a mix of permanent teeth and baby teeth.

Some parents believe that you have to wait until your child has lost all of their baby teeth before you can get braces for them. This is a common misconception. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends a child have their first check-up by age 7.

What You Need to Know About Invisalign for Kid’s Baby Teeth

Invisalign corrects your children’s teeth using a series of corrective aligners that set the teeth back into proper alignment. Do your child’s teeth need correction while they have a mix of baby teeth and permanent teeth? Invisalign offers a Phase 1 or interceptive treatment for children ages six to twelve.

The reason you want to correct your children’s baby teeth is more than just giving them a beautiful smile. There are some significant benefits to getting Invisalign for your child’s teeth.

3 Reasons to Get Invisalign for Children

There are a lot of benefits to getting your children Invisalign even before all of their adult teeth grow in. Take a moment to review how Invisalign can help with the future alignment of your child’s teeth.

1. Prevents Pre-Existing Bite Issues from Getting Worse

In some cases, a child’s teeth may require correcting because their jaw is off in some way. Invisalign offers a solution by guiding the teeth into proper alignment. These aligners prevent a misaligned bite from continuing to cause further straightening issues.

2. Can Fix Existing Teeth Straightening Conditions

Invisalign trays position both baby teeth and permanent teeth into proper alignment. When your child’s teeth start to grow in, and there is a noticeable issue, it can be addressed and immediately corrected with Invisalign. You can do this even if your child has not been using the aligners before.

3. Can Help with Oral Habits

It is common for children to suck their thumbs. However, this habit is hard on their teeth. Invisalign is great for helping to encourage better oral habits by correcting bad habits such as thumb sucking or tongue thrusting.

How Can You Get Invisalign for Baby Teeth?

One of the best reasons to get Invisalign for your child’s teeth is that the earlier you begin, the easier it will be to straighten their teeth and keep them straight. Phase 1 Invisalign can make Phase 2 treatments much shorter and a lot easier on your child.

If you need to get Invisalign for your child’s baby teeth, find an orthodontist near you today!