For some families, the summer can be just as busy as the school year. Between summer camps, family vacations and outdoor activities, you may wonder: “Can my family fit in an orthodontic appointment?” We have four reasons to schedule your child’s orthodontic appointment before summer break is over.



More Flexibility

The journey of braces usually starts with a few initial appointments before settling into a schedule, and your child will be missing less school if you start these appointments during the summer. Initial appointments usually last an hour to two hours, so a visit of that length is often easier to work in when you’re not working around school and sports schedules.

Time to Adjust

Adjusting to new habits tends to be easier during less scheduled times, meaning that summer is the ideal time to jump into braces. Patients may feel some general discomfort after the initial placement of the braces and summer appointments will give your child time to adjust to their new accessory before classes start. Scheduling appointments now will also give your family an opportunity to adjust to the oral hygiene steps braces require and you can discover what foods work best for your child’s braces.

Confidence Boosts

When braces are placed during the summer, often some alignment will happen before school starts.  If your child is self-conscious about their smile, having some correction happen before school starts may provide the added confidence boost they need.  Not only will they get more confident, your child will be able to become more comfortable with the braces before heading back to the classroom.

Sweet Recovery

Summer appointments mean your child can have some down time after their appointments during the summer, rather than worrying about getting back to class or finishing up their homework. Summer weather also means cool treats – frozen yogurt, smoothies and popsicles are perfect for sore teeth after getting adjustments done!

Think it’s too late?

If your summer is swiftly coming to an end, don’t worry – you haven’t missed the boat! Although summer can be an ideal time to fit appointments and check-ups into your schedule, there is no bad time of year to get braces. Some parents even find that their schedule is more predictable once school starts because there are fewer spontaneous activities.


If you’re planning to start your child’s journey with braces, your orthodontist will always do their best to make treatment work around your lifestyle and commitments.  Find your local orthodontist today.