BEING STRESSED OUT is never a fun feeling, so it might not be too surprising to hear that stress can actually impact our physical health in significant ways. That includes the health of our teeth and gums. 😧

We’re not talking about a brief burst of adrenaline in a tense situation, but the draining effects of long-term stress. Stress like that can lead to teeth-grinding habits, compound TMD issues, and weaken the immune system against oral health problems ranging from gum disease to cavities to dry mouth. For orthodontic patients, these kinds of problems can interfere with completing treatment on schedule, and nobody wants that!

No matter how stressful things get, it’s critical to maintain basic daily oral hygiene routines like brushing after eating and flossing. Not only will keeping those teeth fresh and clean help keep them healthy, it can also have a surprisingly powerful effect on mental well-being. We can get back a little bit of control just by keeping our teeth clean. 😀

We’d love to hear some of our patients’ ideas for de-stressing. A few that we’d recommend include going for walks, doing relaxation exercises, trying a new creative project, or doing something simple yet enjoyable like reading, watching TV, or taking a shower. 🛀