PERHAPS IT’S BEEN YEARS SINCE YOU had braces, but suddenly you find yourself concerned about your teeth again. Why? You’ve lost (or don’t wear) your retainer!

Some people lose their retainer and never bother getting a new one. Others know where their retainer is but haven’t worn it for so long, it no longer properly fits.

Whether it’s been weeks or years since you finished orthodontic treatment, if you’ve lost your retainer or it doesn’t fit, you need a new one.

Common Questions About Retainers

“Does my retainer really matter?”

Absolutely! Without a retainer, your bite is unprotected and teeth are prone to shifting. Even years after treatment, a properly fitting retainer helps keep your smile beautiful and healthy. Remember, the cost of a replacement retainer is much less than undergoing orthodontic treatment again!

“Will I need to have a new mold made?”

Probably. Even if your teeth have moved just a little bit, we’ll need to factor that in for your replacement retainer.

“What if I received my original orthodontic treatment elsewhere?”

That’s completely fine. We can evaluate where your teeth are now, regardless of your treatment history. We may need to take some new images and impressions of your teeth. We’re happy to accommodate you!

How To Avoid Throwing Away Your Retainer

Wear Your Retainer!

Your retainer is your best friend after orthodontic treatment. Follow our instructions for effective use. And, if you lose your retainer, let us know right away before your teeth start shifting!

If you’ve skipped wearing your retainer for a long time, please come and talk to us. We can evaluate your bite and visit about your options.

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