This may seem like an odd time of year to discuss HSA/FSA funds, but at the AAO, we think this could be the MOST appropriate time to talk about it. And more importantly, you do not have to wait.

HSAs, Health Savings Accounts, and FSAs, Flexible Spending Accounts, are types of savings accounts that let you set aside money on a pre-tax basis to pay for qualified medical expenses, including orthodontic treatment. Money set aside throughout the year is a salary you do not have to pay taxes on. By using untaxed dollars in an HSA or FSA to help pay for your orthodontic treatment, you save money! Additionally, one of the AAO’s top priorities in federal advocacy is the Congressional expansion of patients’ rights to use FSAs. The AAO is working to promote the passage of the federal RAISE Act, which would significantly increase the amount that families could contribute to their FSA annually.

Most financial institutions agree that the flexibility of these types of accounts can work out perfectly if you have predictable medical expenses each year. We encourage you to act now and contact your HSA or FSA provider for specific details.

Find an American Association of Orthodontist on the Orthodontic locator in your area at Set up a complimentary orthodontic exam to help you plan for upcoming orthodontic expenses for you or your child. Many times an orthodontist and their team can help you use your HSA or FSA to finance your orthodontic care.

And always trust an AAO Orthodontist, as they have an additional 2-3 years of training specifically in moving teeth and providing a beautiful and healthy smile for their patients.

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