What makes a bite healthy?

The ideal bite is created when the majority of force between the upper and lower teeth is distributed evenly across your back teeth, up to the canine. An improper bite can occur when the back teeth don’t touch, or when the bite is uneven and one side of the jaw has more force than the other. These out-of-balance bites can lead to TMJ inflammation, popping or locking of the jaw, or uneven wear of the teeth.

Why is having a healthy bite important?

Your teeth and TMJ are just a small part of a much more complex system of muscles and joints that can have effects on your head and neck. An improper bite can be caused by your genetics, loss of teeth, injury, or just poor luck. Headaches, uneven wear of your teeth, chipping or cracking a tooth, and clenching are just a few of the issues a misaligned bite can cause. Your orthodontist may recommend an orthodontic consult prior to implant placement so that they can help provide the most stable bite prior to implant placement. This allows the best chance for implant success.

Dental Cosmetics and your Bite

Orthodontic treatment is often recommended to patients who are in the planning stages of cosmetic dentistry. With dental implants it is vital that the implant remains stationary following its placement and your bite is properly aligned with no excessive force placed on the implant.

Bite Evaluation Consultation

invisalignThe first step in determining whether your bite is the cause of your dental issues, or to evaluate for cosmetic dentistry, is to schedule a complimentary consultation with your orthodontist. At your initial appointment, you may get photographs, 3D x-rays, and/or perform an extensive examination to determine the best treatment plan for your dental, oral, and bite health.

Interested in Finding Out More?

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