Dr. Melanie Wang of San Diego sat down with KOGO AM for an interview.

People are heading south of the border for dental work, but is it worth it? One Mexico city is even nicknamed “molar city,” due to the influx of whats called American Dental Tourism. The problem is that many patients receive shotty work and there are other issues.

“A common complaint is number one, they felt it was unsanitary relative¬†to getting care here and that was a big complaint. Number two is there is a communication issue and they felt like their needs weren’t properly expressed,” said San Diego Orthodontist Dr. Melanie Wang.

She [Dr. Wang] also said there is normally a wait time of two hours or more at Mexican dental offices. If you’re determined to get your work down south of the border, visit a few offices here and in Mexico. The difference in price might not be as bad as you think and the quality of the work is much better here at home. Bottom line, do your research.