An overbite can cause you to become self-conscious about your smile. It’s also known to cause many health problems. Therefore, it’s essential to seek immediate orthodontic treatment to lessen the negative effect it has on your wellbeing. The good news is overbites can be corrected with the help of a dental professional. While the remedy depends on the severity of the problem and the patient’s age, orthodontic treatment with braces or Invisalign are almost always involved in the treatment.

In this article, we’ll answer the question: how do braces fix an overbite? This way, you can make informed decisions when seeking overbite treatment options. Further, we’ll answer the following questions:

  • What is an overbite?
  • What causes an overbite?
  • Do braces fix overbite?
  • Are braces removable?
  • How much do braces cost to fix an overbite?

Without further ado, let’s dive in!

What Is an Overbite?

Ideally, there should be a slight overlap of the upper teeth with the bottom teeth of about 20 percent when the mouth is closed. Anything bigger than that is considered an overbite and will require orthodontic treatment.

An overbite may be horizontal or vertical. Horizontal overbites, commonly called buck teeth, are cases where the top teeth protrude over the bottom teeth. Vertical overbites, on the other hand, are cases where the top teeth significantly overlap the bottom teeth.

Some overbites are more subtle than others, so the best way to know if you have one is to visit an orthodontist.

What Causes an Overbite?

Crooked teeth and misaligned jaws are often inherited from your genetic background. Children with parents who have an overbite are more likely to develop one, and there’s not much you can do to prevent it. But, again, overbites can be corrected if you seek proactive treatment. Professionals recommend starting the remedy process as early as seven years old.

Aside from genetics, some habits can also lead to an increased risk of an overbite. For example, prolonged thumb sucking and extended pacifier use in children can lead them to develop teeth deformities. For adults, excessive nail-biting, teeth grinding and chewing on hard objects (like pens) may also lead to jaw misalignment.

Do Braces Fix An Overbite?

Many orthodontists will recommend braces to fix a misaligned jaw because they effectively treat most overbite issues.

So how do braces fix an overbite? The treatment process starts with the assessment stage. First, X-rays will be taken to determine the condition your teeth are in, allowing the orthodontist to determine the overbite type and the relationship between the jaw and teeth. Then, the attachment of the braces comes next. This process involves fastening metal brackets to the top and bottom teeth and then connecting them with wires, which are periodically adjusted to straighten the teeth. Once the straightening is complete, fixing the overbite follows.

Here are some treatment options that orthodontists often use in conjunction with braces.

  • Rubber bands: Rubber bands are attached to the brackets on the upper and lower teeth to apply extra pressure. You can remove these bands when eating or brushing your teeth. Your orthodontist will show you how to attach them for the best results.
  • Palatal expander: A palatal expander is used if the upper jaw is too small or overcrowded. The expander slowly widens the palate over the following weeks or months.
  • Tooth extraction: When overcrowding is a significant problem, the orthodontist may recommend tooth extraction to create more space in the mouth.
  • Jaw surgery: Surgery may be needed to position the jaw correctly. However, jaw surgery is reserved for severe overbite cases.

Are Braces Removable?

Essentially, braces can be removed by your orthodontist, but you shouldn’t remove them until the treatment is complete. Doing so will only jeopardize the correction process. Instead, the best thing to do is wait for your orthodontist’s recommendation to remove your braces to ensure you receive the best results.

How Much Do Braces Cost To Fix an Overbite?

The price of braces depends on many factors, but you can expect comprehensive overbite correction to cost a rough average of $4,000 to $9000. It may seem like a significant investment, but the results are worth it. The confidence you gain along with your brand new smile is truly priceless.

Perfect Your Smile

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