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The Tricks to Treats for Braces-Wearers

posted on 10-20-20
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CAN YOU BELIEVE HALLOWEEN is coming up so soon? It’s always a fun time of year, with the spooky movies, the decorations, the costumes, and the tasty treats. We’re not here to drop toothbrushes in anyone’s candy buckets, but we do... More

Sugar Versus Our Teeth

posted on 10-13-20
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SUGAR IS THE GREATEST nemesis of the dental profession and anyone who wants to maintain a healthy smile. Why? Because the harmful bacteria in our mouths love to eat it, then excrete acid onto our teeth as a waste product. That... More

Have You Been Wearing Your Elastics?

posted on 10-6-20
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WEAR YOUR ELASTICS if you want your braces off on time! ⏱ We know they’re not very fun to wear, and we know it’s easy to forget them, but following the ortho’s instructions for wearing your elastics is a huge... More

Why filing teeth yourself is a bad idea.

posted on 9-29-20
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You’ve seen the TikTok trend of people using a nail file to grind their teeth down for a more even appearance, and thought, “Seems harmless, right?”  WRONG! Unlike fingernails, teeth are permanent. What you remove won’t grow back. The protective... More

Daily Dental Hygiene for Braces

posted on 9-22-20
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WE SHOULD ALL BE happy to spend at least four total minutes a day brushing our teeth morning and evening (and then a few more for flossing), considering how important good oral health is. Braces-wearers might need to take a little... More

Defeat Bad Breath with a Tongue Scraper

posted on 9-15-20
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ONE OF THE MAIN things people overlook about a daily oral hygiene routine is cleaning their tongues. That’s right, it doesn’t stop with brushing twice a day for two minutes with a soft-bristled brush and flossing daily. The rough surface of... More

Get the Most out of Your Toothbrush

posted on 9-8-20
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AN IMPORTANT PART of keeping your teeth and gums healthy is your toothbrush. That might seem so obvious that it’s not worth saying, but you’d be surprised how many basic mistakes people make when it comes to their toothbrushes. We want... More

Habits We Don’t Realize Hurt Our Teeth

posted on 9-1-20
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TOOTH ENAMEL RANKS between steel and titanium on the Mohs Hardness Scale. That makes it harder than any other substance in the human body, and it also makes it harder than iron! However, it’s still fairly brittle and very vulnerable to... More