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How Smoking Affects Oral Health

posted on 2-11-20
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WE’VE ALL HEARD over and over how smoking can adversely impact health, with the most infamous example being lung cancer. But smoking doesn’t only harm the lungs; it damages every single system in the body, and it also damages oral health.... More

Why Is My Mouth Dry?

posted on 2-4-20
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SALIVA IS ESSENTIAL not only for our oral health, but for our overall comfort. We all experience a dry mouth every once in awhile and know how bothersome it can be. But what does it mean? And what should we do... More

The Benefits Of Fixed Retainers

posted on 1-28-20
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TOO MANY PEOPLE know what it’s like to accidentally throw a retainer away after lunch. Retainers can be expensive, so losing one is never fun. Fortunately, removable retainers aren’t the only option for keeping your teeth aligned after the braces come... More

How Your Orthodontist Can Help With Sleep Apnea

posted on 1-21-20
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FEELING A BIT TIRED at times during the day is completely normal, even with a good night’s sleep. Some people, however, struggle every night for a restful sleep, especially those with sleep apnea. Did you know that one in five adults... More

Making Malocclusions Bite The Dust

posted on 1-14-20
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A MALOCCLUSION OCCURS when the upper and lower teeth don’t fit together properly, which can lead to a variety of problems. These bad bites can impact our speech, our digestion (by making it difficult to chew our food), contribute to TMJ... More

How Will My Diet Change With Braces?

posted on 1-7-20
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GOOD NUTRITION IS extremely important to having a healthy smile. It also aids in orthodontic treatment! By eating right during your treatment, you can make sure your teeth are strong enough to support braces as well as avoid any setbacks. Avoid... More

The Hazards of Oral Piercings

posted on 12-31-19
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FROM CLOTHING TO HAIRSTYLE to cosmetics to accessories, our personal style is how we portray who we are, and this can include piercings. However, where clothing and hairstyles are very rarely health risks (we hope), the same isn’t true of piercings.... More

The Impact of Diabetes on Teeth and Gums

posted on 12-17-19
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ONE OF THE MOST common complications of diabetes is gum disease, and that isn’t the only way diabetes is hard on teeth and gums. Diabetes and oral health have a close relationship. If the diabetes isn’t carefully controlled, it will be... More

In the Event of an Orthodontic Emergency

posted on 12-10-19
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DO YOU HAVE A PLAN about what to do if something unexpectedly goes wrong with your orthodontic treatment? If not, we can help you out with some preparation tips. It also helps to know the difference between a minor issue and... More

The Big Scoop On Tooth Sensitivity

posted on 12-3-19
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DO YOU GET a painful jolt through your teeth every time you try to enjoy a bite of ice cream or a sip of fresh coffee? If you do, then you’re familiar with the woes of tooth sensitivity, and you’re not... More