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Five Quick Braces-Friendly Breakfast Ideas

posted on 5-5-20
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WHEN YOU HAVE BRACES, it can sometimes be tricky to find good food to eat that won’t put all those crucial brackets and wires at risk. Finding the right food is even trickier if you’ve just had your braces tightened and... More

Oral Piercings: Self-Expression With Risks

posted on 4-28-20
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WE ALL LIKE to show off our personality and sense of style in the way we present ourselves, from clothing to hairstyle to cosmetics. Piercings are often an important component of personal image, but unlike clothing and hairstyles, piercings come with... More

Plaque vs. Tartar: What’s The Difference?

posted on 4-21-20
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WE OFTEN GET THE QUESTION from our patients, “What’s the difference between plaque and tartar?” Many people think they are the same thing. There is an important difference between the two, however, and it can help explain just why a daily... More

Tasty Alternatives To Banned Foods

posted on 4-14-20
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HAVING BRACES IS OFTEN a necessity in order to get an aligned smile or a correct bite, but they do put limitations on which foods an orthodontic patient can eat. Luckily, we’re here to offer you some braces-friendly alternatives to your... More

Covid-19 Health and Safety Tips

posted on 3-31-20
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COVID-19 IS AFFECTING all of our lives right now as we work together to slow the spread of the virus, keep everyone safe, and stay positive. Unfortunately, there’s also a lot of misinformation going around, and we want to make sure... More

A Brief History Of Braces

posted on 3-24-20
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CAN YOU IMAGINE an Ancient Egyptian in braces? Are you picturing an appliance made out of metal bands and catgut? That’s right; the practice of straightening misaligned teeth has been around since ancient times! So how did we get from there... More

The Different Types Of Teeth

posted on 3-17-20
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YOU’VE PROBABLY NOTICED that your teeth aren’t all the same shape, but do you know the reason? Humans have four different types of teeth, and they each serve specific purposes, both in helping us chew and in giving us our beautiful... More

Impress Your Friends With Dental Trivia

posted on 3-10-20
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MOST PEOPLE OUTSIDE of teeth-related professions probably only think about their teeth when something’s wrong, like when there’s something stuck between them in the middle of a date, they’re sore from a toothache, or they’re stained after drinking coffee or juice.... More

What To Ask At An Orthodontic Consultation

posted on 3-3-20
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THE INITIAL ORTHODONTIC consultation is a critical step in your orthodontic treatment process. One of the best things you can do to prepare is to think about the kinds of questions you want to ask the orthodontist. Here are just a... More