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Give Your Kids a Jumpstart on Oral Health Care!

posted on 7-16-19
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YOUR CHILD’S BABY TEETH are just as important as their permanent teeth. Kids may not keep their first teeth forever, but they require just as much diligent care as future permanent teeth. In fact, maintaining your child’s dental health when they... More

How Your Oral And Overall Health Are Linked

posted on 7-9-19
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WE’VE SAID IT BEFORE AND WE’LL SAY IT AGAIN… taking care of your teeth and mouth is more than just about cosmetics, it’s about your health! When you think of being healthy, your mouth probably isn’t the first thing that comes... More

Protecting Your Smile From White Spots

posted on 7-2-19
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WHITE SPOTS APPEAR on our teeth for a variety of reasons. Although not all of them are harmful to our oral health, they still prevent our smile from truly shining through. Today we want to share with you some of the most... More

Are Your Teeth Sensitive? Here’s Why

posted on 6-25-19
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DO YOU EVER cringe when you watch someone bite into ice cream? Are you sometimes fearful of that first sip of hot soup or drink of tea? You’re not alone. Tooth sensitivity is one of the most common complaints we hear... More

Orthodontic Treatment: One Phase Or Two?

posted on 6-11-19
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AS A CULTURE, we tend to think of braces as a teenage experience, so it can be surprising to learn that the American Association of Orthodontics (AAO) recommends that children have an initial orthodontic consultation by age seven. If a child... More

Debunking 8 Braces Myths

posted on 6-4-19
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EVEN IF YOU’VE NEVER had braces before, you’ve probably still heard a lot of things about what they’re like. Well, don’t believe everything you hear, because there is some bad information out there. That’s why today we’re going to bust eight... More

Protect Your Retainer, Protect Your Smile

posted on 5-28-19
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PERHAPS IT’S BEEN YEARS SINCE YOU had braces, but suddenly you find yourself concerned about your teeth again. Why? You’ve lost (or don’t wear) your retainer! Some people lose their retainer and never bother getting a new one. Others know where their... More

Which Type of Retainer Is Best for You?

posted on 5-21-19
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ALTHOUGH IT MAY SEEM hard to believe during the process, one day those braces will come off! Orthodontic treatment doesn’t end after braces, however. To maintain that beautiful new smile you must wear a retainer as directed after braces are removed.... More