No matter where you are looking for an orthodontist – you want to make sure that the team you choose to work with checks off all the right boxes. While each patient is going to have their list of must-haves when searching for an orthodontist in your area, there are several items youll want to make sure you include to ensure you are working with the right team.  

4 Things to Look for When Picking an Orthodontist

Choosing an Orthodontist doesnt have to be a challenge. If youre not quite sure where to start on your search, then begin your checklist by ensuring that each of your options ticks off these five items: 

1. Virtual Consultations

While many patients are excited to begin visiting their orthodontists and other medical professionals once again, when choosing a new orthodontist, you want to ask and see if they offer virtual consultations for those who are still a bit uncomfortable with visiting a new office in-person. 

If youre still looking for an orthodontist, ask around and see who offers new patient virtual consultations.   

2. Provides an Above Average Office Experience

Once youve established that an orthodontist is safe, then its time to start investigating their office practices. When speaking to a new orthodontist, ask them about their typical procedures, how they make their patients feel comfortable, etc.  

3. Provides the Latest and Greatest in Alignment Technology, Including Invisalign for Kids, Teens, and Adults

If youre curious about Invisalign, then youll want to make sure that the orthodontist you choose to work with has the latest and greatest in alignment technology. While many individuals still choose to go with traditional braces, Invisalign technology has come a long way and is an excellent option for patients of all ages.  

4. Has the Testimonials to Back Up Their Claims

One of the best ways to vet a new orthodontist is to take some time and research what others have to say about the office, its staff, and its procedures. While many orthodontists will list their customer testimonials on their website, dont be afraid to do some sleuthing of your own and check out the officeGoogle My Business page for other customer testimonials as well.  

Choosing an orthodontist doesn’t have to be a complicated process. With the right checklist in hand, you can easily start picking practices that meet your demands. 

Curious how your orthodontist could help you with your dental needs? Then reach out to your orthodontist or find one in your area today!