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April 2021

Ongoing Personal Coronavirus Precautions

posted on 4-20-21
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ACROSS THE COUNTRY, some states and cities are starting to reopen, but that doesn’t mean we should immediately stop all precautionary measures and go straight back to life as usual. Every little bit we can do helps ensure that hospitals don’t... More

Weird Mouth Trivia!

posted on 4-13-21
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LOOKING FOR SOME trivia to impress people once we can safely have parties again? We humbly present a few of our favorite weird mouth facts for your consideration. We Need Spit to Taste Our Food Most of the ten thousand taste... More

My Retainer Feels Tight. Can I Still Wear It?

posted on 4-6-21
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As long as your retainer doesn’t hurt and still fits over your teeth, you can wear it – even if it feels tight. Your teeth may have slightly shifted, and you may need to wear your retainer longer each day to prevent... More