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August 2020

Why Do We Get Crooked Teeth?

posted on 8-25-20
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IT’S NOT ALWAYS fair or logical, but we get judged on our appearance all the time, and having crooked or straight teeth is a big factor in that. Studies show that people with straight teeth are perceived to be more successful,... More

How Braces Move Teeth

posted on 8-18-20
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FORMER AND CURRENT braces-wearers know firsthand how much of an effect a few pieces of metal can have on a smile with the help of a skilled orthodontist. It’s pretty incredible, but how does this process actually work? What do the... More

Have a Speech Problem? Braces Could Help.

posted on 8-11-20
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BEING ABLE TO enunciate and speak clearly depends on several things. Speech disorders can happen because of a hearing impairment, genetics, or a cleft palate, but another cause that might not seem as obvious is the position of the teeth! Let’s... More

Tooth Anatomy 101

posted on 8-4-20
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HOW MUCH DO you know about what’s on the inside of your teeth? Let’s take a quick look! We feel that the more our patients know about the structure and anatomy of teeth, the better they will understand how to take... More