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July 2020

The Advantages of Straight Teeth

posted on 7-28-20
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CONTRARY TO WHAT some people might think, having straight teeth isn’t just about looking good — not that there aren’t aesthetic benefits too. Studies show that a person with straight teeth is seen as being happier, wealthier, and more attractive than... More

Stopping the Grind of Bruxism

posted on 7-21-20
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WHEN LIFE GETS stressful or frustrating, a pretty common physical response is teeth-grinding. Unfortunately, it can do a lot of damage if it becomes a habit, and it can even happen while we’re asleep. Chronic teeth grinding is called bruxism. The... More

The Basics of Enamel Hypoplasia

posted on 7-14-20
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THE AMOUNT OF work it takes to keep a smile healthy and strong can vary from person to person. For some people, simply sticking to a good daily regimen of brushing and flossing and visiting the dentist a couple times a... More

Impacted Teeth and Orthodontic Treatment

posted on 7-7-20
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NO TWO SMILES ARE the same, and the teeth that make them don’t always come in at the same rates. Some people get their adult teeth ahead of schedule, others get them late, and a few are left wondering if a... More