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June 2020

Chewing Ice Puts Teeth at Risk

posted on 6-30-20
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YOU’VE PROBABLY HEARD before that it’s bad to chew ice, but do you know why that is? Let’s take a closer look at the damage ice can do to teeth and why many people want to chew ice in the first... More

Oral pH: The Chemistry of Healthy Mouths

posted on 6-23-20
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MOST OF US learn a little about the pH scale in our science classes as teenagers, but what does that have to do with oral health? A lot, actually, which is why we’re going to take this opportunity to give our... More

The Dangers of DIY Braces

posted on 6-16-20
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DO-IT-YOURSELF PROJECTS can be wonderful ways to explore creativity, build something new, fix something broken, make something better, or simply save a little money. However, as medical experts who care very much about the health of your teeth, we have to... More

What Are All Those X-Rays For?

posted on 6-9-20
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JUST ABOUT ANYONE who’s been to the dentist has had dental X-rays taken, but how much do you know about the role they play in dental care? Let’s take a quick look at the different types of dental X-rays and what... More

Looking Forward to Retainers

posted on 6-2-20
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THE BEST DAY FOR every orthodontic patient is braces off day, but that’s not where treatment ends. To maintain those great results, it’s critical to wear retainers as instructed. So let’s take a look at the different kinds of retainers out... More