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May 2019

Protect Your Retainer, Protect Your Smile

posted on 5-28-19
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PERHAPS IT’S BEEN YEARS SINCE YOU had braces, but suddenly you find yourself concerned about your teeth again. Why? You’ve lost (or don’t wear) your retainer! Some people lose their retainer and never bother getting a new one. Others know where their... More

Which Type of Retainer Is Best for You?

posted on 5-21-19
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ALTHOUGH IT MAY SEEM hard to believe during the process, one day those braces will come off! Orthodontic treatment doesn’t end after braces, however. To maintain that beautiful new smile you must wear a retainer as directed after braces are removed.... More

What Is An Orthodontic Expander?

posted on 5-7-19
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WHEN YOU THINK of orthodontic treatment, the first things that come to mind are braces and retainers. But there’s more to orthodontics than that! Depending on your child’s unique case, we may use other orthodontic appliances to help them achieve a... More