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October 2018

Making Halloween Healthy For Your Teeth

posted on 10-30-18
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HALLOWEEN IS ONE OF the most highly anticipated holidays of the year, and it’s almost here! This holiday sees kids, teens, and even adults consuming far more sugar than they would any other time, coming in second only to Easter. The... More

Halloween, Candy, And Your Braces

posted on 10-23-18
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WE ALL LOVE EATING our favorite candy from time to time, especially around Halloween. But those treats can get tricky for orthodontic patients, because many of the standard goodies are harmful to braces. So how can you safely enjoy your spooky... More

Taking Care Of Your Retainer

posted on 10-16-18
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GRADUATING FROM BRACES to retainers is a major milestone for any orthodontic patient, but retainers still take work, because anything that spends that much time in our mouths will become smelly and covered in gunk if we don’t keep it clean.... More

Are Braces Triggering Your Canker Sores?

posted on 10-9-18
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CANKER SORES ARE SELDOM SERIOUS, but they can drive us crazy! These small, shallow ulcers pop up in our mouths and on the inside of our lips unexpectedly and sometimes take days to heal. The good news is that they’re fairly... More

Think It’s Too Late For Braces? Think Again!

posted on 10-3-18
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THE STEREOTYPICAL IMAGE of a child or teenager in braces is a thing of the past. In fact, more than one million adults in the U.S. and Canada currently wear braces! If you’re thinking it’s too late for you to straighten your... More