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August 2018

Are Invisible Aligners Right For You?

posted on 8-28-18
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THE TIME WHEN getting braces meant spending years with a mouth full of metal that hooked to bulky headgear is long past. These days, traditional wire braces are more streamlined and discreet, but the option that has become increasingly popular for... More

Thumb-Sucking, Pacifiers, And Oral Health

posted on 8-21-18
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THE WORLD IS A big, new, confusing place for a young child, so it shouldn’t be much of a surprise that they like having something familiar to help them cope. Sometimes this means a stuffed animal or favorite blanket they carry... More

Good Tooth Brushing Technique

posted on 8-14-18
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BRUSHING OUR TEETH is something we can get so used to doing that we don’t really think about it, but are we doing it the right way? It can be easy to get into some bad tooth-brushing habits, and the result... More