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September 2017

6 Tips for Keeping Your Retainer Clean

posted on 9-26-17
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Did you know keeping your teeth and your retainer clean helps prevent cavities and infection?  Bacteria uses food particles to help create cavities.  Clean teeth and clean retainers help keep teeth and smiles beautiful and healthy, so here are 6... More

Beware Risky Charcoal Teeth Whitening Trend

posted on 9-17-17
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There is a growing trend to use activated charcoal to “naturally” whiten teeth. DIY teeth whitening methods are sweeping social media platforms where influencers like YouTube user Mama Natural readily and endorse others to brush their teeth with charcoal based... More

How to Catch, Treat and Cure Gum Disease

posted on 9-6-17
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Do you ever spit out blood when you brush or floss? If you do, you could be seeing the early stages of gum disease, or gingivitis, as it’s commonly known. Luckily, if caught in the early stages, gum disease is... More

A Perfect Smile at Any Age

posted on 9-6-17
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Though typically associated with “the growing years,” orthodontic braces are becoming increasingly common in those patients entering “the golden years.” Following the nationwide upward trend in plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures among patients over 65, more seniors are finding an... More